Easy Halloween Costumes and Treats

16 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Dress up your kids in fun costumes you make with everyday household items. 

Homemade oxygen tank, goggles and airtube for scubadiver costume
Photos: Glenn Glasser; Stylist: Kristine Trevino

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How To: Make the Oxygen Tank

What You Need
One liter bottles (you'll need 2 of these)
Black spray paint
Yellow utility tape
Black shoe laces
Hot glue gun

1. Make sure the bottles are empty and dry. Spray paint one bottle at a time. Let dry overnight.

2. Take the now black bottles and wrap rings around the bottoms and the tops of each bottle with the yellow tape.

3. Glue the shoelaces to the tops and bottoms of each bottle. Secure around the child’s shoulder.

How To: Make Mouth Device

What You Need
Black cord covers
Hot glue gun

1. Cover one end of the cord with yellow tape.

2. Glue pacifier to the other end of the cord cover. Let dry overnight.

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