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Gifts That Give Back—That Your Friends Actually Want

There was a time when you had to choose between delighting a recipient and making a small move for social good. But now you can win on both counts. Here’s a batch of handpicked beauties your friends and family will love that also happen to boost really worthy causes. Read, get inspired, click, give... and collect the hugs. Everybody wins.

Top 7 Tips on Tipping

Follow these expert-approved etiquette guidelines when showing your appreciation.

Quiz: What’s Your Thanksgiving Personality?

You’re just a few short questions away from a totally personalized menu.

6 Gourmet Hanukkah Gelts for Chocolate Lovers

Don’t be foiled by the thin, rock hard chocolate coins you know as “gelt.” Melt-in-your-mouth versions do, in fact, exist. Some of them even use single-origin, fair trade chocolate. We’ve rounded up the tastiest loot to help you shine during Hanukkah.

How Healthy Eaters Load Their Thanksgiving Plates

Thanksgiving is not a holiday for deprivation. Here’s how nutrition and fitness experts enjoy the feast without derailing their healthy diets.

6 Chic Plus-Size Halloween Costumes

Deciding what to dress up as on Halloween can be a surprisingly difficult task. First, there are so many costumes to choose from. And, although that should make the process easier, it really just makes the hunt even more overwhelming. Plus, so many costumes are just wrong—whether uncomfortable (too short, too tight) or cheaply made (falling apart before you even put it on, not breathable). Luckily, we’re here to put a stop to the endless search. Whether you want to go classic as a witch or get glam as a flapper this Halloween, these ready-to-wear costumes are so good it’s scary.

Halloween Makeup Ideas That Are Spooky, Sexy, and Fun

The best part? You can achieve most of them with what’s already in your makeup bag, plus a few small additions.

DIY Halloween Decorations Made from Old Things

These creative repurposing ideas allow you to make your home frightfully festive without having to step foot into a crowded party store. (Because that would really be a nightmare.)

How to Create the Ultimate Easter Basket

This year, skip the same old jelly beans and chocolate bunnies to create the ultimate Easter surprise. These fun and unique ideas, straight from the pros, will help you think outside the basket.