Christmas Crafts

As most people will tell you, one of the best things about the holiday season is spending time curled up in the house with loved ones. Though it’s tempting to rush out to finish the holiday shopping during any free moment you can find, don’t forget to set aside some time for some good old-fashioned R&R. While the snow is falling outside (or maybe just visions of snow, if you live in a warmer climate) and the fireplace is roaring, grab a hot cocoa, some sugar cookies, and your supplies and get to work creating some festive Christmas crafts. From mason jar candles and centerpieces to treat bags and cards, there’s something for every skill level—even a host of Christmas crafts for kids. And, if stringing Christmas lights on your roofline seems a little too complicated this year, DIY door décor will still give guests a warm holiday welcome.

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Snowflake Decorations That Go Way Beyond Paper Cutouts

Remember those paper snowflakes you made in school (or maybe your children still bring them home every year)? They’re pretty and fun to make, but we suggest you put away the white paper and the scissors this year—or, at the very least, strongly consider adding these projects to the mix. Yes, those traditional cutouts are beautiful, but these fun DIY holiday decorations provide a lot more intrigue for a similar amount of effort. You’ll be surprised by what ordinary items can be transformed into beautifully intricate snowflakes. Clothespins become dazzling tree ornaments, reinforcement stickers (yes, that utilitarian item you’ve had tucked in your drawer forever) become gorgeous gift tags, ribbon helps to transform an inexpensive throw pillow into seasonal décor, paper straws turn into whimsical window hangings, and more. What’s even better? All of these fun crafts can be completed in an hour or less (many even faster). Minimal supplies are required, too. In fact, we’re willing to bet you already own a large portion of these items. So crack open the door to your craft closet, grab friends or family, and get to work (if you can even call it that!). Soon your home will be a winter wonderland.

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Vintage Christmas Decorations (With a Modern Twist)

Getting your home ready for the holidays is a once-a-year treat that can help to make those first cold winter days a little more cheery. Whether you trek to the Christmas tree farm the day after Thanksgiving every year, hang the advent calendar together on the first day of December, or wait until the last minute to string some lights on your tree, many families have their own time-honored traditions. But, as the years go by, sometimes your favorite festivities can fade without you even realizing what happened. Evoke a little nostalgia this holiday season by dusting off some old favorites (well, actually, recreating some of the oldies but goodies) and bringing a bit of yesteryear into your home décor. These DIY ideas don’t require much time and effort—just a few craft supplies, many of which even occasional crafters likely already have tucked away somewhere in the craft closet. And once your new Christmas village is in place on the mantle or your bright poinsettia napkin rings are on display at the dinner table, both the young and old can enjoy in the resulting stories of holidays gone by. When January rolls around, wrap your new favorite decorations in tissue paper and carefully stow them in the attic until next year.

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