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How To: Make a Crafty Keepsake Box

Hand-Folded Gift Box stepsKellee Nelson/

What You Need
2 sheets of 12"x12” Paper
Embellishment for Top


1. Begin with a single square sheet. Fold each corner to its opposite corner and make a firm crease.

2. Fold each corner to the center point of the paper. Then fold each corner to the center of the crease you last made on each opposite side.

3. Fold each tip inward to the first crease. Your paper should be a grid of 2”x2” squares.

4. Choose one corner and cut two 4” lines, 4” apart along the crease, repeat on the opposite side of the paper.

5. Put a little glue in a circle around the center point of the paper. Fold the un-cut corners so their points meet the center point.  Fold the flaps in to strengthen the crease.

6. Position up and fold over the cut corners, tips facing center point.

7. Make the bottom of the box by cutting ½” off each side of coordinating 12”x12” paper, making it 11.5”x11.5”. Assemble as you did for the top. Put them together and accessorize on top.



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