Anniversary Gift Ideas

Whether married or dating, reaching an anniversary feels like a huge milestone in any relationship. Celebrate by giving each other a little something to commemorate the occasion. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself—a gift doesn’t need to be grand to be memorable. We’ve rounded up dozens of anniversary gift ideas that your significant other is sure to love—no matter if it’s been a year or two decades. Love to follow tradition? You’ll also find a list of all of the traditional wedding anniversary gifts. They start out simple, with paper being year one, and get more opulent as you approach those milestone years (you may even receive a ruby if you make it to your 40th wedding anniversary!). Or, you could celebrate the occasion by simply spending some quality time together. A list of clever date ideas will take you out of the house for a night you won’t soon forget.

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Gifts for Couples

We all know it’s hard enough to shop for one person. But choosing a gift that strikes a balance between thoughtfulness and practicality can be a real challenge when it comes to couples. The key is to make sure you go with items that take into account the couple’s shared interests. (If she’s a voracious reader but he prefers gaming, don’t get them a pile of the year’s bestsellers). Below we’ve assembled a bunch of items for couples who have shared passions. Do they both like to drink coffee? We have a cool coffee maker that doubles as a countertop statement piece when not in use. Or, if they prefer to spend Friday night sharing a bottle of wine, try the genius portable wine carrier turned serving tray (for cheese and crackers, perhaps?). If they love their dog, you could opt for the personalized doormat, which features their initials along with those of their pets. And if it’s their first holiday season together, a classic keepsake ornament is a special and not-too-sentimental gift. If they are newly cohabiting, there are lots of ideas to spruce up their home together. Browse through our selections for plenty of gifting inspiration. These couple gifts are fun and surprising, without feeling cheesy. If they ask how you ever came up with these clever ideas, we’ll let you take all the credit. And, if you want to put a few of these in your cart to keep for you and your significant other? Well, that’s OK too.

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