Holiday Entertaining

Get ready for the holiday party season with easy appetizer recipes, tips on setting a pretty table and more.

  • Invite friends.Remember, you’ll be baking enough cookies for every guest to take home, so don’t invite the entire neighborhood. Shoot for eight to 10 friends who like to bake and who will have fun spending an evening together.
  • Determine how much everyone will make.Typically, guests bake a dozen cookies for every attendee. But a half dozen would work if the party is large (say, more than 10 participants) or if you just want a sampling of treats, not enough to feed an army over the holidays.
  • Set ground rules.Yes, it’s a party, but if you slave over homemade rugelach, you may not be happy when a friend shows up with slice-and-bake. Let guests know what the parameters are—such as, cookies should be made from scratch and holiday-themed.
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