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Wine 101

Storing Wine

How to keep your collection―no matter what size―tasting good to the last drop.

Large wine rackMark Lund

Make the Second Time as Good as the First

  • Don’t feel pressured to down an entire bottle in one sitting. You can enjoy what’s left over as long as you recork the wine and store it properly.
  • Make sure the same end of the cork goes back in the bottle (the other end has been exposed to mold and odors). If the cork won’t go in easily, use the blade of a corkscrew to shave a notch near the bottom on either side, or pick up a reusable rubber stopper at a wine shop for about $1.
  • Store the wine in the refrigerator, where the cold will give leftovers the longest life. The acid in white wines will keep them fresh for about three days. Most reds should be finished in a day or two. A screw top (which keeps out more air) will buy you an additional day.
  • If you’re not going to finish a bottle within two or three days of opening it, you’ll need more than just a cork. To make it last the week, remove as much air as you can with a device like the Rabbit vacuum pump (, moistening the stopper first for the tightest seal.
  • Don’t plan to finish the bottle? Freeze leftover wine in ice-cube trays and use the cubes for cooking.




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Blue ice cube tray

A few days before a party, start making ice and storing it in baggies in the freezer.