Wine 101

Basic Wine Varieties

A guide to the big six―the most common grape varieties found in the United States―and foods to pair them with.

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Often sweet and always fruity, Rieslings are crisp and fresh with notes of apple, apricot, and peaches.

Pairs well with: Spicy food such as Chinese or Indian.


Sauvignon or Fumé Blanc
A light, slightly acidic white with herbaceous aromas.

Pairs well with: Seafood or deep-fried foods, because it contrasts well with the oiliness, just like lemon juice. It’s also one of the few wines that work well with tangy tomatoes and salads that contain vinegar.


A rich and creamy, full-bodied white that typically has notes of vanilla and is often described as buttery for the way it feels in the mouth.

Pairs well with: Roast chicken, fresh corn on the cob, clams.


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