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Celebrate with all the senses. 

Salute the season by incorporating its most appealing elements into every last detail. Keep drinks chilled and tingle palates with ice cubes made with mint or berries. Dazzle eyes and noses by using lush greens and aromatic blooms as centerpieces. Slip cold, crisp, and delicious Claussen pickles beside sandwiches as a tasty garnish, and have more on hand for a refreshing, tangy treat. Give salt-water taffy, a mouthwatering classic, as a party favor.


Cater to everyone in the crowd. 

Variety is the spice of life—and the life of any party. From savory snacks to hot and spicy meat rubs to crunchy dessert toppings, fill your menu with items that satisfy every taste and mood. (This idea applies to your soiree’s soundtrack as well, so be sure your party playlist includes music for everyone’s ears.)


Use only the freshest ingredients. 

There’s no better way to jazz up your summer dishes than with the season’s incredible (and eye-catching) selection of fruits, veggies, and herbs. Include juicy, colorful berries in pies, or use over ice cream. Fashion a burger bar by arranging slices of red tomato, purple onion, and green peppers and Claussen pickles. Use herbs like parsley and basil for zest as well as fragrance.

Refresh your guests’ perspective. 

Add flavor to the party with an unexpected but fun recipe using Claussen pickles. Stir 1 cup sugar, 1 packet KOOL-AID Cherry Flavor Unsweetened Drink Mix, and 1 qt. water in a 48-oz. plastic jar. Add 1 jar drained Claussen Kosher Dill Pickle Halves, arranging so that the cut sides are completely covered with liquid. Refrigerate for 24 hours. To serve, remove pickles from jar and cut in half.


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