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Make a Great Toast in 5 Steps

Steve Faber, the screenwriter of the movies “Wedding Crashers” and “We’re the Millers,” shares his top toasting points.

Cork doodles giving toastsSerge Bloch
  • Part 1: Set the scene with a little background on your relationship and imply that the day’s event marks a break of sorts. “Jimmy’s not going to be my little boy Scout anymore.”
  • Part 2: Share an amusing yet meaningful anecdote. “Jimmy’s free spirit is contagious. I remember how we got lost that one time chasing a chipmunk.”
  • Part 3: Insert comic relief with a light ribbing. (Key word: light. Being the center of attention can make the guest of honor extra sensitive.) “High school wasn’t for Jimmy, and I think we all know that.”
  • Part 4: Address the big turning point. “Once Jimmy got his college acceptance letter, he realized his potential. There was a whole world for him yet to explore.”
  • Part 5: Wrap up with a nod of support and invite guests to raise a glass. “Of all the colleges Jimmy could have chosen, he found his perfect fit, one with an amazing environmental-sciences program. Let’s toast to his new adventure.”

It's your job to raise a glass to the newlyweds, see tips for making a wedding toast.

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