Doable Christmas Decorating From the Office Supply Store

Glad tidings: These three holiday ideas—for entertaining and gift wrapping—require very little work (and lots of play). See the video for the craft how-tos.

What You Need

  1. Check kraft paper
  2. Check construction paper
  3. Check craft punch
  4. Check glue stick
  5. Check manila gift tags
  6. Check adhesive letters
  7. Check stamps
  8. Check metallic pen
  9. Check marker
  10. Check garments in festive colors and patterns
  11. Check photocopier

Follow These Steps

  1. Holiday Place Mats

    Layer sheets of paper for a place setting that packs a punch.

  2. Custom Gift Tags

    Instead of using the store-bought versions, put your personal stamp on present labels.

  3. Photocopied Wrapping Paper

    That gaudy holiday sweater sure makes great wrapping paper (if not a cute outfit). Run off festive fabrics, then cover small gifts with the Xeroxes.

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