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Easy Inexpensive Holiday Decorations

Doable Christmas Decorating From the Garden Center

Look beyond the Frasier firs in the parking lot for Christmas decorations that won’t leave needles all over your floor. Watch the video for the craft how-tos.
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  • burlap
  • old newspapers
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • sprig of evergreen
  • poinsettia bush
  • silver vessels filled with water
  • glitter feathers
  • glass vases in various shapes and sizes
  1. Santa’s Bag

    Sling this (soot-free) bundle of joy by the hearth.

  2. Prettier Poinsettias

    Transform a ho-ho-hum plant into a trio of perky centerpieces.

  3. Feathers For Your Nest

    Place preglittered plumage into glass vases for a display visitors will flock to.

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