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Creative Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

3 Party Themes for Kids

Make your child's next get-together unforgettable with one of these easy party ideas.

Children at the Backwards Party
Tara Donne

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The Activities

  • "Say ‘eseehc’ ” photo booth. Create a fun backdrop with a sheet and let kids ham it up with their backs to the camera (while dressing up as though they’re facing it). Fill a bucket with wardrobe items the kids can throw on, like sunglasses and ties.
  • Backwards musical chairs. Like musical chairs, only kids walk around the circle backwards.
  • Seek-and-hide. In this reverse game of hide-and-seek, one child hides and everyone else tries to find him. As people find him, they hide with him, until almost everyone is hiding. The last person looking hides first during the next round.
  • Backwards birthday song. Write down the words to “Happy Birthday to You” and have guests sing them backwards (or try to, at least) as the birthday girl or boy blows out the candles.
  • Pin the donkey on the tail. Place the tail on the wall and challenge kids to place the donkey in the right spot.
  • Coloring station. Hand out a few coloring books and have kids color outside the lines, using the wrong ends of the crayons.
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