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Birthday Party Theme: Magic

Throw a Birthday Party That’s Pure Magic 

Surefire tricks for throwing an effortless and memorable bash.



  • How To: Make a Martini
    How to Make a Martini
    The martini is perhaps the classic cocktail―and making one is probably simpler than you think. Just follow the quick steps in this video.
  • How To: Make a Curly Bow
    How to Make a Curly Ribbon Bow
    A present without a bow is like a cake without icing: It’s missing the finishing touch. This video shows an easy, step-by-step method for making the most dramatic gift-topper of all―a curly ribbon bow.
  • How To: Make a Centerpiece with Recycled Cans
    How to Make a Table Centerpiece With Recycled Cans
    A backyard party or barbecue doesn’t call for elaborate decorations, just something fun for the table―like this rustic, charming, and easy centerpiece.


True Fabrications Picnic Stix Set
6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life
Real Simple’s mission, through its 14 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these.
  • True Fabrications Picnic Stix Set
  • Pool Blue Softie Grip Grass
  • Double Oil and Vinegar Bottle
  • Progressive Pepper Corer Pair
  • Beach Sounds Portable Speaker
  • Meal Snap app