Preventative Health

Calcium Supplements May Damage the Heart, But Calcium-Rich Foods Seem to Protect It

Should you be taking calcium supplements? A new study adds to growing concern about getting our vitamins and minerals from pills rather than food.

Some Women May Need Just 4 Pap Tests—Ever

Women who’ve had the HPV vaccine may need fewer cervical cancer screenings than current guidelines recommend, according to a new Harvard study.

How Childhood Trauma Can Cause Premature Aging

Changes in your cells can follow you for life.

Got Hot Flashes? Acupuncture May Offer Relief, Study Finds

For many women, the natural remedy reduced hot flashes and night sweats by 47%—and for a small group, the benefit was almost double.

The Truth About People Who Brag They Don’t Need Much Sleep

A new study suggests they’re really taking mini-naps all day long.

Chemicals in Food Packaging, Plastics, and Makeup May Lower Vitamin D Levels

This is the first time BPA and phthalates have been linked to the “sunshine vitamin.”

‘Super Agers’ May Reveal Clues About Keeping the Brain Young

The author of a new study shares the memory-boosting advice she’d give her mom.

Sugar Industry Manipulated Research on Heart Disease, Report Says

An investigation revealed Big Sugar worked to shift the blame onto dietary fat and cholesterol. This may be one reason we don’t associate the sweet stuff with cardiovascular risk factors, according to the authors of the report.

Considering an Ovarian Cancer Screening Test? Read This First

There’s no good evidence these widely used tests are reliable, the FDA warns. Here’s what experts recommend instead.

How Exercise Can Help to Offset the Risks of Alcohol

New research provides yet another reason to head to the gym.