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A Guide to Healthy Teeth

Give yourself something to smile about: Keep your teeth and gums healthy with good information and smart tips.

Preventive Health

6 Medical Exams You Should Never Miss
Make these doctors’ visits regularly to protect your health and minimize costs in the long run.

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What Really Goes on Inside Your Mouth?

A guide to healthy teeth and gums at every age.
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7 Common Dental Problems (and What to Do About Them)

How to prevent or treat the (sometimes painful) troubles that can lurk in your mouth.
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Your Dental Health Questions, Answered

Brush up on your dental knowledge with this bite-size Q&A and get healthy teeth and gums for life.
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3 Dental Procedures You May Not Need

Advice on a few daunting dental procedures and when to get a second opinion on undergoing them.
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Ideas to Chew On

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What Causes Tooth Sensitivity? 
Are you one of the many people who wince upon inhaling cold winter air, who brace for that unpleasant ZING! after taking a bite of ice cream, or for whom simply chomping down on a firm bagel gives a moment of YIKES!?

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Did You Know: A Glass of Milk Can End Garlic Breath? 
Garlic may be good for you. But garlic breath? Yikes, that isn't good for anyone.  


5 Questions to Ask Your Dentist

Get the most out of your next checkup.

  • Am I grinding my teeth? Your dentist should examine your teeth to see if they’re worn. You could be grinding them at night and not know it.
  • What should I do to keep my teeth and gums healthy? A dental hygienist should demonstrate proper brushing and flossing and point out areas you tend to miss.

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  • Did you find anything that I should tell my doctor about? Your dentist may be the first to see signs of a systemic disease, like osteoporosis. Dental X-rays may show, for instance, that the triangular spaces at the bottoms of your teeth are getting bigger. “You have to make a clinical judgment on whether it’s osteoporosis or just wear and tear,” says dentist Cindi Sherwood. “Dentists can detect changes because people may see them more regularly than their physicians.”

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