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Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Professions Most Vulnerable to Colds and Flus

Your job―and everything it entails―could put you at risk.

By Stacey Colino
Spoonful of cough syrupKate Sears

Here are occupations that come with a high chance of catching a cold or the flu:

  • Teachers: Spending time with lots of students in a classroom increases your odds.
  • Air-traffic controllers and others in high-stress professions: Chronic stress can impair immune function, making people vulnerable to whatever illnesses come their way.
  • Medical residents and interns: They are exposed to loads of germs but haven’t developed the immunity of seasoned doctors.
  • Businesspeople with heavy travel schedules: Long hours spent on airplanes with other people’s germs increase the chances of coming down with an upper-respiratory infection or the flu.
  • Day-care workers: You can blame it on all the close contact with young kids, whose developing immune systems make them prey to every bug going around.
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