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Aging Gracefully

No cosmetic surgery here. This is about eating right, exercising, and taking care of yourself to look and feel your best.

Flex Time

How Flexible Are You?
Not personality-wise, but physically? Staying limber may help prevent injuries—and even illness.

5 Mood-Boosting Workouts
Whether you want to perk up, calm down, feel sharper, or just get happier, there’s a mind-altering routine for you.

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How to Eat Well

Nutrition experts create healthy menu plans to suit a variety of eaters’ lifestyles.
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22 Easy Ways to Keep Your Mind and Body Conditioned

Simple but effective strategies to stay vital, sharp, and looking great.
Photo: Susie Cushner

What’s Aging Your Skin?

Actually, many factors beyond genes and the sun. Avoiding these eight common pitfalls will help keep your skin youthful.
Photo:  Ericka McConnell

Take Care of Your Hands

How to keep your hardest-working parts soft, smooth, and youthful for years to come.
Photo: Chris Baker
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Woman with glowing skin
Woman with mature skin
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Find Your Balance

Single Leg Bend

4 Jiggle-Fighting Exercises 
Follow these simple steps to strengthen your core. 

Dumbbells and measuring tape

7 Exercises for Muscle Maintenance
Improve your strength and achieve optimal muscle tone with this workout.

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Questions to Ask Aging Parents Checklist

If your parents are still healthy and active, use this checklist of questions to help you prepare for a time when they may depend on you more.

  • Do you want to live in your house for as long as possible? Are there things we need to do to your house so it’s safe and comfortable for you as you age? Can we make some of those changes now?
  • Are you willing to move into a smaller place that’s easier to manage, like a condo? When?
  • Has either of you thought about whether you would want to stay in the house if you were alone?

View The Entire Checklist

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