Aging & Caregiving

7 Habits of People Who Age Well

Exercise, diet—even attitude—can be as important as genetics when it comes to growing old gracefully. "Old age," as Bette Davis once said, "is no place for sissies." But that doesn’t mean you need to chicken out. Sure, growing older affects nearly every part of your body—including your hair, skin, heart, muscles, and more—but aging well may be as simple as adopting these (mostly) easy everyday habits.

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Essential Questions You Have to Ask Your Aging Parents

Think the birds and bees is the most awkward chat you'll ever have with Mom and Dad? Think again. Adulthood brings other uncomfortable conversations: wills, long-term care, and end-of-life issues. Here's how to these handle delicate subjects with care.

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You change throughout your 20s, 30s, and 40s, so it should be no surprise that your cycles do, too. But are off-schedule, heavy, or otherwise weird periods normal? Here’s how to know—and how to handle it if they’re not.


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