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The No-Diet Diet: Your New Healthy-Eating Plan

Nearly two dozen food and nutrition experts weigh in on foods (and strategies) you need to feel healthier.

By Liz Welch and Lindsay Funston
Kale, eggs and orangesHans Gissinger


Always have fresh—and long-lasting—stuff in your refrigerator. “I get nervous if I don’t have a vegetable available to put on my plate,” says Martha Rose Shulman, author of The Very Best of Recipes for Health ($35, “So I make sure to keep the sturdiest produce on hand: Carrots, red cabbage, bell peppers, and romaine lettuce all last for up to a week.”

Got to have steak? Save it for dinner. If reducing the amount of meat you eat is your goal, treat the protein like a side dish. Or, says Mark Bittman, author of The Food Matters Cookbook ($35,, skip the bacon at breakfast and chicken salad at lunch in order to enjoy a juicy fillet at night—guilt-free. “I eat a vegan diet until 6 p.m. and then whatever I want for dinner,” says Bittman. “That can be an elaborate restaurant feast or a simple meal at home. There’s nothing wrong with eating steak or other rich dishes, as long as you’re eating plants most of the time.”

Always eat dessert. (Tough advice, we know.) Marlene Schwartz, the deputy director of the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, in New Haven, Connecticut, says it’s a rule in her family. “My kids can have one dessert every day,” she says. “This is how we teach balance and moderation.” So go ahead and have that (small) dish of ice cream. Everyone needs a little decadence now and then.


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Juice may serve up vitamins, but it won’t do much to ease hunger: Unlike solid foods, liquids don’t trip the brain’s satiety mechanism. For a more effective snack, pair a glass of 100 percent juice with a few nuts. Get more tips.