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Stay Healthy on the Go

How to make nutritious eating choices—and fit in exercise—when you’re strapped for time and on the move.

Quick Remedies

6 Ways to Soothe Your Stomach
Tummy troubles are never pretty, but they can be remedied with these options.

6 Remedies for Your Aching Head
Head hurts? Try one of these doctor-approved pain relievers.

6 Motion-Sickness Remedies
Calm the queasiness.

Stretch warm up

Do-Anywhere Exercises

The do-anywhere (beachside, poolside, bedside in a hotel room) full-body routine.
Photo: Elinor Carucci

6 Quick Plyometric Exercises

Get more out of your workout by adding these high-intensity plyometric exercises to your routine.
Photo: Tara Donne

Work Your Glutes With This QUICK Routine

Use any set of stairs, indoors or out, to complete this quick cardio workout.
Photo: Jonathan Pozniak

Take a Leap! 15-Minute Parkour Routine

This form of outdoor athletics is beloved by adrenaline junkies and health experts alike. Try this 15-minute routine to build strength and agility while burning calories.
Photo: Robert Maxwell
Stretch warm up
Warm-Up and Cooldown
Woman jumping and stretching

Gear Up

Body monitors

High-Tech Weight-Loss Tools
Need an extra push toward those diet and exercise goals? A host of innovative weight loss tools are here to help. 

Soles of sneakers

How to Choose the Right Athletic Shoes
You’re just steps away from a better workout. Here’s how to pick a pair of shoes geared toward your routine and body.

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Pier 1 Melamine Dinner Plates

1 Unforgettable Picnic

Who doesn’t love a picnic? But unpacking your basket and realizing you forgot an essential―not so much. Use this checklist to make sure you’ve got it all.

  • Casual foods, preferably sandwiches or other things you can eat without utensils Avoid foods with mayonnaise. Pack everything in lightweight, resealable containers.

    Related: Easy Summer Picnic Ideas

  • Ice pack or bags of ice Food can spoil and harbor bacteria when not stored at the right temperature. Keep everything cold with refreezable ice packs, or fill a couple of resealable bags with ice cubes: They’ll chill food as it’s transported. Add ice cubes to drinks during the picnic. Empty out whatever remains before you go, for a lighter trip home.
  • Drinks Bring an assortment of kid-friendly and adult beverages, such as bottled water and juice.

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