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Relax More, Stress Less

Learn the secrets to balancing your life—and reducing stress.

Say Ahhhh!

Relax in an Instant
You don’t have to check into a spa to unwind. For stress relief, weave these six mini-breaks into your day. 

5 Ways to Relax Already  
When the going gets tough, chill yourself out.

Model with eyes closed in meditation

3 Quick Ways to Banish Stress 

Reap the health benefits of lowering your stress level in just minutes. 
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6 Exercises That Stretch You Out

No flexibility in your schedule? Rest assured, this stretching routine is quick—and its benefits are many.
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5 Tips on How to Reduce Stress

Bills, commitments, work: They all add to the pressure we feel. These suggestions can help you reduce your stress.
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6 Signs You’re Stressing Too Much

When you’re pushed to the max, things can get ugly (literally). Here’s some face-saving relief.
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Model with eyes closed in meditation
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Just Breathe

How To: Relax and Breathe

How To: Do Relaxation Breathing
Follow the simple breathing exercises in this video and see what a difference they make for you.

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5 Minutes to a Clearer Head
This five-minute mediation technique will calm your mind.

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Stamps and coins

Less Stress Checklist

Take a few simple measures now to save yourself time and trouble—and a whole lot of stress—later. 

  • Keep stamps on hand. There’s nothing worse than having to dash to the post office when you’re already rushed.
  • Keep a bit of extra cash in the house. In case you forgot to swing by the ATM in time, this back-up stash will hold you over until your next trip to the bank.
  • Have a good book to read. Keep it ready for those times when you just want to escape for a little while.

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