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How Do You Snap Out of a Bad Mood?

Here, Real Simple readers share the tips and tricks that get them out of an emotional slump.

Illustration of woman with a red balloon riding a red horse in the sky with cloudsChristopher Silas Neal

Looking at bright colors makes me feel better. I find it nearly impossible to remain in a dour mood after I put on a lemon yellow sweater or paint my nails neon orange. Sunny hues remind me of my childhood bedroom, which was painted goldenrod, and of umbrellas, flowers, and other wonderful elements of spring.
Susanna Cardinale
Cliffwood, New Jersey

A few years back, a devastating event took the wind out of my sails. Trying to find my footing again, I remembered the fun I had had as a kid blowing bubbles. So I went to the store, bought five containers, and started blowing. Lo and behold, I laughed and felt happy! This childhood pastime has become the way that I lift my spirits and celebrate life. For example, my grandpa passed away recently, and we blew bubbles in his honor.
Abby Smyers
Dayton, Montana

I put on scented lotion and enjoy some aromatherapy. One of my favorite fragrances is Bobbi Brown’s Beach perfume. The scent reminds me of my family’s vacation to Hawaii’s Big Island. Goodbye, doldrums.
Karen King
Downers Grove, Illinois

Every now and then, my work gets stressful and my mood sours. To regain my composure, I quietly close the door of my office and go into a sun-salutation yoga pose, an exercise that causes you to breathe deeply, stretch, and expand your chest. After a few minutes, I find that I can handle things again.
Mary Lou Kinney
Boise, Idaho

A solo visit to a beauty-supply store always does the trick. The products, especially sparkly eye shadow, make me feel beautiful, and the time spent alone, a rare luxury with two little boys, restores me.
Gina Kain
Torrington, Connecticut

Taking a cue from a song of my childhood, “I whistle a happy tune.” As I do, I remember that for every minute I spend feeling down, I lose 60 seconds of joy.
Christine Cook
Rodeo, California

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