6 Insanely Calming Ways to Pass the Time on Election Day

If you’re stuck at your desk and overwhelmed by election stress, here are five Politics-free ways to make it to November 9.

No matter your political affiliation, today is guaranteed to be a long, anxiety-provoking day. Feeling bombarded by pundit posts on your Facebook feed? Switch tabs to one (or all) of these non-political, non-partisan posts.


Houston Zoo Live Stream

Photo by Norman Sciple/Getty Images

Lions, tigers, and bears—oh my! Those might be scary to some, but they’re definitely less scary than elephants and donkeys today. From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST, the staff at the Houston Zoo will be live. Tune in to get close to the animals and ask the zookeepers your questions. You can watch on their Facebook page here.

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The Weather Channel’s Calming Marathon

Vote “yes” for nature’s solace with The Weather Channel. Starting at 3 p.m. EST, they will be airing a nine-hour “chill” marathon. They predict a 100 percent chance of only showing things like clouds, rainbows, and autumn splendor—all things that will help you take much needed deep breaths.


A Simple Way to De-Stress (in Under 2 Minutes)

Having trouble breathing? Try our Real Simple-approved guided breathing exercise from Margaret Townsend, a certified breathwork and Hakomi practitioner in the Portland, Oregon, area.


The Washington Post’s Election-Free Videos

The Washington Post offers 30 videos that capture what’s good in the world—from drone footage of Fitzroy Falls in Australia to sleepy puppies. We promise only awes and "awws."

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The Quartz Playlist of Music Scientifically Proven to Soothe

Can’t get away with watching something at your desk? Pop your ear buds in and listen to Quartz’s playlist of soothing music and calming ambient sounds. Most of the included tracks are more than an hour long, so it’s guaranteed to get you through the workday. Some sounds will work as a lullaby for a much needed nap for that after-work, polls-close time gap.


The Magic Button

If all else fails, press this magic button. You might need to wait a little bit with this one—definitely not as long as you waited at the polls—but you’ll close your window with a new sense of assurance. Feel free to press as much as you’d like.