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How to Get Help With Medical Bills

You may have broken your leg, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to pay for an expensive hospital bill. Try these tips on how to lower your medical bills.

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Two Services to Check Out

Medical Cost Advocate: This service lets you do everything online, by entering your medical bill, treatment codes, and other information directly into the company’s interface (you can also submit a bill by fax). The fee is 35% of whatever savings they earn you, and they only take on bills that are at least $200. According to the service, typical savings are 20% to 50%.

Hospital Bill Review: As its name implies, this service deals mostly with hospital bills, and is armed with ten years of financial information on hospitals across the country and their pricing policies. The up-front fee is $350, which is refunded if the service fails to produce at least that much in savings. It takes 25% of any savings beyond $350.

Enjoy your new, much more down-to-earth medical fees!

Now that you know how to fight a sky-high medical bill, here’s how to deal with other common billing problems.

-Written by Minda Zetlin

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