Play a Game

Whether you’re looking to challenge your memory or your fashion-styling skills, you’ve come to the right place. First, exercise your brain with three games specifically designed to test your memory. (You’ll find even more of them on; sign up for a free trial membership, or subscribe for a small monthly fee.) Then, it’s your style savvy that gets a workout in our new Finish the Look fashion game.


Game 1: Lights Out

Lights will turn on and off in the pictured building. You'll need to repeat the pattern by clicking the windows. And then it gets really tricky.


Game 2: Tricky Cups

A variation on the old shell game: There's a coin under one of those moving cups, but which one? More coins and cups appear as you guess right and advance through the levels.


Game 3: Face in the Crowd

How well do you remember a new face? How about four new faces? Test your powers of recall.


Game 4: Finish the Look

Test your skills as a fashion stylist: See if you can complete the look as the pros did in our new fashion game!