How to Store Bananas

If bananas always seem to go bad fast in your kitchen, you may not be selecting and storing them properly. This video tells you what you need to know.

What You Need

  1. Check bananas

Follow These Steps

  1. Select bruise-free bananas

    Though supermarkets generally display bananas in big bunches, don’t feel you have to buy more than you need: Just break off the few that you want. Look for bright yellow bananas with no bruises, discolorations, or tears in the peel. (Or, if you won’t eat the bananas for a couple of days, pick ones that are greener, and less ripe.)

  2. Store bananas on countertop

    At home, don’t refrigerate bananas—this stops the ripening process and turns the skin brown. Bananas will last three to five days at room temperature.