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Organic Food Guide

Healthy recipes, shopping tips, and ideas for smart eating.

Shopping Tips

A Guide to Organic Labels
Organic-food labels may all look different, but their wording is strictly defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Here's what you need to know.

Apples in paper bag

10 Organic Foods That Are Worth the Money

Plus: tips on what to do if you don't go the organic route.
Photo: Harrison Eastwood/Getty Images

Spring’s Best Fruits and Vegetables

How to choose, store, and use this season’s most versatile fruits and vegetables.
Photo:  Anna Williams

6 Spring Vegetable Side Dishes

Elevate your vegetable repertoire with recipes for simple yet sophisticated side dishes.
Photo: Anna Williams

10 Organic Foods That Aren’t Worth Buying

Don’t have the money to go completely organic? Find out which non-organic foods are safest to eat.
Photo: Martin Poole/Getty Images
Apples in paper bag
Chili-Lime Snap Peas
Organic vegetables

Hitting the Farmers’ Market

Ripe vine tomotoes and other vegetables at market

6 Tips for Navigating Farmers’ Markets
Get the most out of your local farmers’ market with these helpful pointers.

People at a farmers' market

Why―and How―to Shop at a Farmers’ Market
Four reasons to buy regional food. Plus, tips and hints for shopping a farmers’ market.

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Extra virgin olive oil

Olive-Oil Buying Checklist

Use these smart suggestions from Nicholas Coleman, the chief olive-oil specialist at Eataly, New York City’s Italian-food mecca, to suss out the best oils in your local market.

  • A dark-tinted glass bottle or a tin. Exposure to light and heat will destroy an oil’s flavor, which is why you should avoid anything sold in a clear container, especially a plastic one. At home, stow your oil in a cabinet away from the stove.
  • “Extra virgin” on the label. Purified and refined oils, labeled simply “olive oil” or “pure olive oil,” are often made with lower-quality, processed oils that have little taste. Extra-virgin oils undergo minimal processing, so their flavor and aroma molecules remain intact.
  • A harvest or best-by date on the label. Oil does not improve with age. Look for a date stamp to make sure you are not buying anything more than two years old.

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