6 Healthy Frozen Meals

Forget bland, watery frozen peas and carrots. These healthy picks are packed flavor, and will help you get breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the table in a pinch.


Sambazon Pure Unsweetened Acai Smoothie Pack


Meet the acai berry: a grape-like fruit grown in the Amazon that’s packed with antioxidants and fiber. These packs contain frozen pureed berries, ideal for tossing into a smoothie, or eating like an ice pop.

To buy: $7 for four 3.53-ounce bags, at grocery stores.

Photo by Sambazon

Earthbound Farm Frozen Organic Frozen Kale


Flash frozen at the peak of freshness, this dark leafy green is pre-washed, chopped, and deveined. There's no prep necessary, making it ready to toss into soups, stews, and smoothies.

To buy: $3 for one 8-ounce bag, at grocery stores.

Photo by Earthbound Farm

Plum Organics Garden Chicken Bites


Here’s a juicy finger food you can feel great about feeding to little ones. Made with chicken, quinoa, carrots, and spinach, they pack both protein and veggies, and have no preservatives or artificial flavors.

To buy: $4.50 for one 6.3-ounce bag, at grocery stores.

Photo by Plum Organics


Trader Joe’s Pork Gyoza Potstickers


Trust us, you’ll want to keep a couple of these bags stashed in the freezer. Steamed, seared, or microwaved, these dumplings make for a nearly instant dinner, late night snack, or interesting hors d’oeuvres.

To buy: $3 for one 16-ounce bag, at Trader Joe’s.

Photo by Trader Joe's

Amy’s Organic Breakfast Burrito


Healthier than grabbing a breakfast sandwich from the corner store, this whole-wheat wrap is filled with tofu, black beans, jalapenos, tons of vegetables, and salsa. 

To buy: $3 for one 6-ounce burrito, at grocery stores.

Photo by Amy's Organic

Freebird Gluten-Free Frozen Chicken Patties


Sure, they’re chicken nuggets, but they’re also organic and gluten-free (thanks to a whole grain coating). Here’s to practically guilt-free chicken parmesan.

To buy: $7 for on 12-ounce container, at grocery stores.

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Photo by Freebird