Smart Shopping 101

Create a Master Shopping List

A little work now will save you time down the road.

By Amanda Hinnant
Shopping bags filled with groceries Emily WIlson

1. Go through your cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer, and write down all the items you usually buy.

2. Take this list to the supermarket and note the aisle number next to each item on the list.

3. At home, organize the items by aisle. Put frozen foods and other perishables last. Enter the list as a document on your computer. Set off each item with a box or bullet (you'll generally find this option under the "Format" header). To keep it on one page, set the list in columns.

4. Save the file and print out several copies. Clip them to your refrigerator.

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This puree is also delicious spread on crunchy whole-grain toast. Top with the goat cheese and cilantro.