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How to Quickly Chill Wine

The doorbell rings, your guests are here, and—uh-oh—you forgot to chill the wine. This video shows a quick, clever cool-down trick that will have you sipping in no time.
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  • wine bucket
  • ice
  • cold water
  • bottle of wine
  • salt
  1. Add ice to the bucket

    Fill it a little more than halfway.

  2. Add cold water

    It should just cover the ice cubes.

  3. Add salt

    Two handfuls should do it.

  4. Add the bottle and stir

    The wine should be ready to serve in 25 to 30 minutes. Be sure to wipe the bottle well, removing all salt, before opening it.

    Tip: To keep a bottle cool, strap an ice pack onto wine with a rubber band. Wrap a tea towel around both to disguise your wine cooler.

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