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3 New Breakfast Rules, According to a Nutritionist

Use these simple strategies to make your first meal of the day even healthier.

You Need to Try These Dark Chocolate Beet Cookies

Made with buckwheat flour, they’re our new favorite way to use the nutrient-rich veggie.

How to Make Individual Freezer Cheesecakes

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Now, each party guest can have their own-personal-sized pie.

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Strawberries-and-Cream Sheet Cake

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How to Make One-Dish Blackberry French Toast

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The Perfect Chicken Salad Recipe

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How to Make Stuffed Multigrain Pancakes

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Surprising Ways to Cook With Seltzer Water

Clearly seltzer adds refreshing fizz to cranberry juice or sangría. But its colorless, odorless, tasteless bubbliness also makes it the ideal secret ingredient to lighten up foods. Think batters and soups. (Thanks, air pockets!) Seltzer and club soda can be used interchangeably, but steer clear of sparkling water, which doesn’t have enough carbonation to leaven. And be sure to use a bottle that’s fresh from the store; over time seltzer goes flat.

11 Barbecue Appetizers You’ll Be Serving all Summer

As you season the steaks and fire up the grill, satisfy hungry guests with an assortment of savory starters. Just make sure they save room for the feast ahead—including dessert, of course.