Easy Cocktails to Use Up Liqueur

You used a tablespoon of amaretto for cookies. Now the bottle is lingering on the shelf. These simple drink recipes will take care of the leftovers.

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If any of the liquor bottles in your bar are less than one-eighth full (like that 1989 crème de menthe), toss 'em. If there's more than a cocktail's worth, try out a new drink, such as a stinger or an Amaretto sour. But remember: "Some low-proof liqueurs can spoil", says Dale DeGroff, author of The Craft of the Cocktail (Clarkson Potter, $35, amazon.com). "Spirits of 80 proof will last for years in most cases, but liqueurs should be tasted if they have been stored for that long."



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This puree is also delicious spread on crunchy whole-grain toast. Top with the goat cheese and cilantro.