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6 Creative Ways to Use Celery

Ants on a log? 
Celery can do better. Turn this crunchy main­stay into a hearty dinner salad. Make a new kind of smoothie. And if you must pair it with peanut butter and raisins, just try 
to up the ante a bit.

6 Creative Ways to Use Cauliflower

The tender texture and the slightly sweet flavor of this wintry vegetable make it an ideal ingredient for eating raw in a salad, pureeing into soup, or even rounding out a pizza. And though it easily breaks down into bite-size pieces, we’ve got a whole (hint, hint) new way of cooking it.

6 Creative Ways to Use Grapefruit

The semisweet fruit stars in cocktails, tacos, and more. 

4 Uses for Distilled White Vinegar

This neutral-tasting vinegar made from distilled alcohol is an inexpensive miracle worker, handy for cooking and cleaning, thanks to its high acidity.

7 Fresh Fall Salads for the Thanksgiving Table

These healthy, vibrant salads make a delicious complement to a carb-heavy Thanksgiving feast. 

6 Creative Ways to Use Pomegranates

Colorful, inspired recipes for autumn's most beautiful fruit.  

How to Cut a Butternut Squash

Trust us, it's not as hard as it seems.

How to Roast Butternut Squash

Master this seasonal staple in just a few easy steps.

Gluten-free Flours

Six flour alternatives for those with a gluten intolerance. 

6 Creative Ways to Use Apples

Half a dozen unique ways to serve this fall favorite.

10 Ways To Make Pesto You Didn’t Know Existed

It’s green, and makes spaghetti 10 times more delicious, right? All you need is your food processor and five minutes.