Chicken 101

Looking for a hassle-free dinner? We have one word for you: chicken. Here’s what you need to know: the shopping tips, the cooking tricks, and almost 60 of our best recipes.

10 Quick and Easy Chicken Cutlet Recipes

In the pecking order of weeknight staples, this family-friendly cut comes out on top. Turn it into a super-fast supper tonight with one of these easy recipes.

Common Cuts of Chicken

What’s for dinner? Probably chicken. It’s economical, versatile, and low in fat and high in protein—all good reasons why it winds up on the dinner table more often than any other meat.

Choosing the Best Roasted Chicken

Don't be turned off by those orange heating lamps. Pre-roasted chicken from the supermarket can be juicy and flavorful―not to mention convenient. Here's what to look for.

6 No-Hassle Dinners

These delicious and easy recipes offer a break from shopping, chopping, and washing.


Fresh Chicken Ideas

10 Tasty One-Pot Chicken Recipes

Cut post-meal cleanup time with these easy, delicious dinners.

10 Boneless Chicken Breast Recipes

The little black dress of the kitchen, this dinner staple can be spiffed up all sorts of ways.