Chicken 101

Looking for a hassle-free dinner? We have one word for you: chicken. Here’s what you need to know: the shopping tips, the cooking tricks, and almost 60 of our best recipes.
  • Keep the refrigerator clear. A crowded refrigerator is an invitation to spills from things knocked over as you rifle through it before dinner.
  • Cover the counter.To limit the mess when preparing meat, chicken, or fish, consider lining countertops with butcher paper (buy it from your supermarket meat department), then fold it up with the scraps and toss it when you're done.
  • Fill the sink with hot, soapy water.As you work, drop in the tools and dishes you've used and let soak. (Put knives in a tall glass or other container so you don't risk cutting yourself later.) When it's time to straighten up, a quick drain and rinse often does the trick.
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