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Month of Dinners
No need to plan out meals this month. Get  four weeks of quick
and easy weeknight dinners
sure to please the whole family.
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Make this month's grocery shopping a cinch with our interactive weekly shopping lists.
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View photos of all the final recipes, plus see our editors' takes on each dish and add your own! Just cook one (or more) of the recipes, take a photo, and upload it onto your own Pinterest board with the recipe title, @RealSimple, and #monthofdinners in your caption. We'll select our favorites to post on our curated board.
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Watch editor Kristin van Ogtrop tackle four dinners in her own home (no help from the Food Department allowed!).
Video 1 Roasted Chicken With Collards »
Video 2 Roasted Salmon, Broccoli, and Potatoes With Miso Sauce »
Video 3 Lamb Chops With Braised Escarole and Chickpeas »
Video 4 Mushroom and Egg Pizzas »
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Bonus! Get three more months of easy weeknight meals and put off dinnertime stress for weeks.
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