International Cooking and Recipes

Add a global twist to your usual dinnertime routine with recipes and tips for cooking Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and more.

Easy Indian Recipes

Don’t be afraid to tackle Indian food—start with these simple recipes for flavorful curries, samosas, and more.

An Introduction to Chinese Cuisine

Forget the takeout—flavorful and fragrant, true Chinese food has a lightness, balance, and simplicity that any home cook can easily master.

Easy French Recipes

Give dinnertime a French flair with these simple, flavorful dishes.


Stock Your Pantry

Mexican Dinner Party Menu

A crowd-pleasing Mexican fiesta, spiced up with surprising yet simple dishes.

Everyday Mexican Recipes

Who says south-of-the-border dishes have to be supersized and smothered in cheese? With these nine fresh, easy recipes, you can have the whole (zesty, tomatillo sauce–topped) enchilada any night of the week.