International Cooking and Recipes

Add a global twist to your usual dinnertime routine with recipes and tips for cooking Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and more.
  • Chili sauceProviding an extra zing, this thick sauce adds a nice punch of chili flavor to a dish.
  • Chinese mushrooms, driedMore intense than fresh fungi, dried shiitakes—which should be soaked in water to rehydrate before using—add meaty flavor to a dish. You can even use the leftover soaking liquid in place of water or broth in soups and sauces. If not available in your grocery store, they can be found in Asian markets.
  • Dark soy sauceFermented longer, this version of the Chinese staple has a slightly sweeter taste. Good in braises and stir-fries, it brings out another layer of flavor in a dish and is less salty than soy sauce.
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