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Foolproof Menu for the Pickiest Eater

One meal that will satisfy every little (and big) appetite.

By Sara Quessenberry
Chicken CacciatoreDana Gallagher

Something for Everyone

Start with a universally appealing dish, such as polenta. Its creamy consistency appeals to toddlers, teens, and adults alike.

Something for Almost Everyone

Build on the polenta by spooning some Chicken Cacciatore on top (or, if you must, on the side so the foods aren't touching). The mild but flavorful sauce is palatable to fussy eaters of almost all ages, even those who prefer plain chicken. (If they resist, smile and suggest they scrape the sauce to the side.)

Something for Adults

Complete the meal with a slightly bitter, very sophisticated side dish for the grown-ups. (The recipe makes enough for four, in case younger diners express an interest in trying the colorful leaves.) Also just for the big kids: a glass of white Burgundy or Chianti.

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