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The Best Drinks and Beverages

Want to wet your whistle? Get recommendations and tips for juices, sodas, and more, plus recipes for your own thirst-quenching concoctions.

Tea Time

The Best Teas
Bid adieu to strange brews. Real Simple staffers and Kiley Holliday, owner of New York City’s Bosie tea parlor, sipped 206 varieties (all bagged and from the supermarket) and found eight slam dunks.

6 Healthy Types of Tea
It’s the world’s most popular drink, next to water—and it’s steeped in health benefits. Here, what these top brews can do for you.

A collection of the best fruit sodas

The Best Fruit Sodas

These are not your childhood fruit sodas. Real Simple staffers tested 115 sophisticated sippers and these six really sparkled.
Photo: Tom Schierlitz

The Best Fruit Juices

These nine thirst quenchers―all 100 percent juice―are naturally sweet, refreshing, and good for you, too.
Photo: Bob Hiemstra

The Best Iced Tea Brands

Whether you like your brew crisp and thirst-quenching or sweet and silky, one of these winners—chosen from 74 contenders—will suit you to a tea.
Photo: John Lawton

5 Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

The freshest, fastest way to get your veggies is in a smoothie. Try these easy tips and healthy recipes before mixing up a green drink.
Photo: Christopher Baker
A collection of the best fruit sodas
Fruit in a glass
Tazo Organic Iced Black Tea
Spinach Smoothie With Avocado and Apple

Coffee Tips

Pour-over coffee

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee
An award-winning barista shares her secret for the ultimate brew.

Bag of coffee beans

How to Buy Gourmet Coffee Beans
Before you splurge, scan the label for these clues of quality.

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Chile peppers

Essential Ingredients for Mexican Cooking Checklist

Stock your pantry with a few basic ingredients to create an authentic Mexican meal.

  • Avocadoes This rich, buttery fruit is a true Mexican staple. Avocado adds a Mexican flair to almost any dish, including such basics as sandwiches and salads.
  • Beans, canned Both black beans and pinto beans are go-to staples, depending on the dish and the preference of the chef. Each can be made into refried beans by buying them whole, soaking in a spice mixture, then mashing and refrying.
  • Cheeses Made in Mexico, queso Oaxaca is a white cheese ideal for quesadillas. If your local Mexican market doesn’t carry it, substitute mozzarella. Queso fresco is a soft, crumbly cheese that adds a touch of saltiness to dishes like enchiladas. Mild Feta can be substituted for it.

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