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Real Simple Cooking School

The truth? There’s no real magic to cooking, just some simple know-how. These videos demonstrate the basics.

The Basics

How to Slice an Onion 
The best way to avoid tears when cutting an onion is to get the job done quickly. Try this efficient method for perfect slices in less time. 

How to Chop Rosemary and Thyme 
Fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme make a world of difference to the flavor of your dishes. This video shows how to prep and chop them, quickly and efficiently.

How To: Hard Boil an Egg

How to Hard-Boil an Egg

Forget the cracked shells and gray yolks: The foolproof method in this video works every time.
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How To: Cook Pasta

Surprising tricks that make for quicker, tastier spaghetti dinners.
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How to Cook Rice

Watch this video to learn the right technique for cooking fluffy, delicious rice every time.
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How to Measure Dry Ingredients

Using just the right amount of an ingredient―salt, baking soda, flour―can make or break a dish. This is especially true of baking, which requires precision. This video shows how to have the right amount of your dry ingredients every time.
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How To: Hard Boil an Egg
How To: Cook Pasta
How To: Cook Rice
How To: Measure Dry Ingredients

More Advanced

How To: Choose and Chop an Artichoke

How To Choose and Prepare an Artichoke
Artichokes are tasty, but preparing them can be daunting. With the hassle-free technique in this video, you’ll be rid of this vegetable’s thick, thorny leaves in no time―and can move on to enjoying the fruits of your labor.

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Brie cheese

Essential Ingredients for French Cooking Checklist

Stock your pantry with a few basic ingredients to create an authentic French meal.

  • Bread: Ideally, serve it in baguette form. It’s definitely worth searching out at a local bakery.
  • Butter: Butter is not typically offered on the table alongside the bread. However, it is a key component in French cooking and baking, so buy the best high-butterfat brand your budget permits.
  • Cheese: Considered a separate course in many French meals, a selection of cheese is always good to have on hand. French cheeses are a solid place to start (think Brie, Camembert, and Roquefort).

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