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6 New Uses for Cupcake Liners

Clever ways to repurpose an everyday item.

Cupcake linersLevi Brown

1. Drip Catcher

Before serving that Popsicle, slip the stick through a foil liner.

2. Multicolor Crayons

Fill foil liners about two-thirds full with unwrapped crayon stubs in assorted colors, place in a muffin tin, and bake at 275° F until melted (about 10 minutes). Then freeze for cool colorers with zigzag edges.

3. Mini Ghosts

Flip over white ones; stick on googly eyes.

4. Paper Lanterns

For a soft glow, poke the bulbs on a strand of miniature lights through the flat bottoms of liners.

5. Heart Cupcakes

Place liners in a muffin tin and fill with batter. Into each cup, between the filled liner and the tin, slip in a balled-up foil liner. This will create a notch at the cupcake’s top, shaping it into a “heart.” Bake as usual.

6. Pretty Garland

Use a heavy-duty needle to string twine through flattened liners, leaving very little space between each one.

Tip: Try and for a wide variety of liners.

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