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What to Do with Leftover Basil

When a recipe leaves you with just a sprig or two of fresh basil, you can…

By Kate Merker
Fresh basil in a jarNgoc Minh Ngo
  • Toss it with mixed salad greens.
  • Slip it into sandwiches in place of lettuce.
  • Add it to omelets made with Feta or goat cheese.
  • Sprinkle it over vegetable soup.
  • Thinly slice it and add it to sliced strawberries.
  • Stir it into buttered green beans.
  • Sprinkle it over corn on the cob, using a generous drizzle of olive oil in place of butter.
  • Add it to tuna salad (either mayonnaise- or vinaigrette-based).
  • Rip it into pieces and toss with sliced nectarines or peaches, olive oil, honey, and a squeeze of lemon and serve alongside salmon or chicken.

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