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Rescue Your Dinner From a Scorched Pan

A blackened skillet makes an entire recipe taste burned. Use this technique to salvage your supper.

By Lygeia Grace
Paper towel to clean pan illoOlivier Kugler

Step 1: Remove skillet from heat. Gently pull the food to one side of the skillet, being careful not to disrupt the burned bits on the bottom.

Step 2: Tip the pan in the opposite direction and add a few tablespoons of water. Scrape up the burned bits, pushing them into the water.

Step 3: Using a wad of paper towel (try holding it with tongs), sop up the water and the scraped-up bits; discard. Repeat on other burned areas, if necessary. Continue cooking.

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Quick Tip

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Readers—we heard you! We read your comments and have made adjustments to this recipe. We went down on the flour, upped the lemon zest, and replaced the vanilla with lemon juice. They are now lemony, snappy, and sure to please. Let us know if you give them another try. Happy baking.