How to Peel and Slice Garlic

Garlic is the flavor cornerstone of so many dishes, but preparing it can be messy and time-consuming. Try the simple tricks in this video.

What You Need

  1. Check cutting board
  2. Check paring knife
  3. Check garlic
  4. Check garlic peeler (optional)

Follow These Steps

  1. Peel off papery layers

    Peel away loose, papery skins and discard.

  2. Press and roll garlic with the palm of your hand

    If cloves are tight and can’t be easily pulled free, use the ball of your hand to press and roll the garlic against your cutting board to loosen the cloves. Store any cloves you’re not using.

  3. Cut off end of clove and peel

    Use a paring knife to cut the end off each clove and to peel away the skin. You can also use an easy-roll garlic peeler: Simply place the clove in the center and gently roll back and forth. The clove will come out all peeled.

  4. Slice the garlic

    Using a chef’s knife or paring knife, slice the garlic. As you near the end, turn the clove on its flat side for a more secure grip.