How To Freeze and Quick-Thaw Meats

Buying meat in bulk can save you money and time (in the form of last-minute supermarket trips). Keep it fresher longer—this video shows how.

What You Need

  • meat
    large glass bowl
    freezer-safe plastic wrap
    freezer-safe resealable plastic bags
    plastic cutting board
    cold tap water
Follow These Four Easy Steps
  1. Divide meat into portions

    Separating the meat into servings allows you to defrost and use only your desired amount.

  2. Wrap meat

    Tightly cover the meat with freezer-safe plastic wrap.

  3. Place in resealable plastic bag

    Squeeze out excess air and zip closed. This will prevent the food from getting freezer burned—those grayish spots that appear when food is exposed to too much oxygen.

    Aha! While meat stays fresh only one week in supermarket packaging, it will last two months if repackaged in wrap, then bagged.

  4. Defrost in water

    When you’re ready to defrost the meat for cooking, leave the food in the watertight bag and immerse it in a large bowl of cold water. Change the water occasionally since the thawing process may render the water too cold. Small pieces may defrost in 15 to 20 minutes.

    Tip: Don't use this process for more than two hours or you’ll risk bacterial growth.

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