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Easy Grilling Guide

One of the glories of warmer weather: the barbecuing that inevitably goes along with it. Here, find quick and healthy recipes and helpful grilling advice.

Tasty Recipes

3 Tasty Backyard Barbecue Menus
Make grilling more thrilling (for you and your guests) with three satisfying party menus centered on surf, turf, or even vegetables.

12 Creative Burger Toppings
Give your same-old condiments a rest and shake things up with one of these inventive combinations.

Chicken With Grilled Peaches and Arugula

17 Great Grilled Chicken Recipes

Everyone’s favorite bird gets a summertime spin with these deliciously simple recipes.
Photo: Quentin Bacon

Beyond the Burger: Rethinking the Backyard Barbecue

Three make-ahead menus offer flavorful, surprising variations on grilling classics.
Photo: Con Poulos

6 Steps to a Delicious Beef Burger

Follow these easy, expert instructions to grilling the perfect patty.
Photo: Christopher Baker

Grilling Tips and Techniques

A step-by-step grilling guide that takes you from flame to flavor.
Photo: Michele Gastl
Chicken With Grilled Peaches and Arugula
Grilled Ancho-Rubbed Pork With Smoky Tomato Salsa
Beef burger
Hot embers on a barbeque grill

Smart Ideas

Woman barbecuing chicken on grill with tongs

10 Money-Saving Ideas for a Summer Barbecue
Make your outdoor grilling habit budget-friendly with these smart tips.

Boar's Head Savory Remoulade

9 Smoking Good Barbecue Toppers
Give a cookout extra sizzle with these condiments picked by RS (we tried 176!).

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Charcoal grill

Charcoal Grill Maintenance Checklist

A few simple steps will keep your barbecue grill in top condition.

  • Remove any ashes. If any remain from last season, dispose of them in a noncombustible container.
  • Clean the grate. Before you have your first cookout, light a fire and heat the grate for about 30 minutes. Then scrape it with a long-handled stiff-wire grill brush to remove any leftover bits of food. If you don't have a grill brush, use a ball of crumpled foil held in long-handled tongs.
  • Wash the grill. Wash the outside of the lid and firebox with warm, soapy water; use a steel-wool soap pad for stubborn interior stains. Rinse and dry.

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