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Food for Kids

Healthy snacks, spaghetti ideas, kid-friendly recipes, and more.

Smart Snacks

Healthy Packaged Snacks for Kids
Yes, they exist. Here’s what the experts love: Each has a good dose of protein or fiber and 200 calories or less.

5 Kid-Friendly Healthy Yogurt Options
Try these road-tested picks—all free of high-fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners—approved by a dietician and a panel of very picky grade-school gourmands.

The Cherette family enjoying dinner together

30 Easy Family Recipes

Turn these 10 kid-friendly ingredients into no-sweat dishes—including snacks and sides.
Photo: Coral Von Zumwalt

10 Fun Ways to Serve Spaghetti

Stuck in a pasta rut? Give one of these delicious, out-of-the-ordinary spaghetti dishes a twirl.
Photo: Tom Schierlitz

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Top nutrition experts recommend healthy (and tasty) treats—just what your child’s body needs to focus on homework, rev up for soccer practice, or unwind for bed.
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Dinner Makeover: Cooking With My Kids

Single mom Carline Louis-Jacques can never find the time to make dinner. Real Simple helps Carline find recipes that she and her kids can make in advance—or that they can start without her.
Photo: Gail Albert Halaban 
The Cherette family enjoying dinner together
Spaghetti With Ricotta and Tomatoes
Peanut butter sandwiches, oatmeal, wheat squares, vanilla yogurt and hot chocolate
Boys cracking eggs in kitchen while mother watches, smiling

Freezer Bests

Tyson Fun Nuggets

The Best Chicken Fingers
Hungry testers ages 10 and under picked the tastiest varieties of chicken fingers.

Cheese pizza slice

The Best Frozen Pizza
Pizza guy can’t come soon enough? Then try one of these store-bought shortcuts. Real Simple baked up 79 pies* and found 10 that delivered.

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Graham crackers, clementines, pretzels, fruit pop, unsweetened apple sauce

10 Healthy Snacks for Kids

Stock your pantry and fridge with nutritious, kid-approved snacks you can feel good about serving.

  • String cheese. Not only is string cheese fun for kids to peel apart, it’s also a delicious portable snack that provides a healthy dose of calcium.
  • Peanut butter. Choose all-natural peanut butter made with just nuts and salt; it provides plenty of protein and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Spread it on whole-wheat crackers or bread, apple slices, or celery sticks for a complete snack. If peanut allergies are a problem, stock up on all-natural almond or cashew butter instead.

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  • Yogurt. With countless varieties and flavors available, there are plenty of choices for this calcium-rich food. For a real treat (and extra nutrients!), blend yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit to make a kid-pleasing smoothie.

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