How to Transfer a Turkey

Yes, your turkey looks gorgeous straight out of the oven. But how do you transfer it from roasting pan to cutting board without making a mess of it? Try the quick trick in this video.

What You Need

  1. Check wooden spoon
  2. Check turkey
  3. Check paper towels
  4. Check cutting board

Follow These Steps

  1. Insert the wooden spoon inside the turkey

    Working carefully, so you don’t break the skin, slide the wooden spoon all the way inside the turkey, creating a lifting handle.

  2. Use paper towel in other hand for support

    Hold paper towels (use a few so your hand is well protected) against the bird’s end to keep the turkey from slipping off the spoon.

  3. Lift and place the turkey

    With the spoon and paper towels, gently transfer the turkey from the pan to your cutting board.