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How to Eat an Artichoke

From the tough exterior to the tender heart, artichokes are appealingly delicious (and dippable).

By Emily McKenna
Cross-section of an artichokeJose Picayo

Confused by all those prickly leaves? Once you’ve steamed your artichoke, here’s how to dig in: Pull off a leaf, dip the meaty end in melted butter or a sauce, and draw it through your teeth to extract the flesh. When you get to the thin inner leaves, pull them off and discard them. Use your knife to cut out the choke. Cut the heart and stem into bite-size pieces and dip them in the sauce.

Don’t know where to start? Learn how to choose, store, and prepare artichokes.

Get the recipe for basic Steamed Artichokes.

Try them with one of these three quick dipping sauces:

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Broccolini is a cross between conventional broccoli and Chinese broccoli. It’s slightly sweeter and more tender than its relatives. If you substitute conventional broccoli in this recipe, cut it into long spears before cooking.